Management’s Message

As CCN Education, we consider education as the most important factor in a country's economic and social development. On the path we stepped in with this perspective, we know that it is a debt to this country to invest in educational institutions which contribute to the development of our country in the area of education and the raising new generations with educational content that has high qualified.

In our investments to education, through choosing to contribute to education with the basic principles, vision and mission of the Turkish Education Association; under the leadership of a well-established institution of 92 years, we aim to bring younger generations to the future with experienced teaching staff and deep rooted culture. Within the framework of this objective, our schools which aim to raise individuals who have capability of scientific thinking and provide creative solutions based on Atatürk's principles and the achievements of the Republic, and who are aware of the problems of society as well as being conscious of producing solutions, also aim to raise leaders of future in every field, who know at least one foreign language and use it effectively in their lives, who are highly self-confident, empathetic, respectful to differences , equipped with high moral values.